January 2, 2018

Vidtek is proud to announce the SDI-52SP of 1.5G  HD-SDI PCB for use with Sony FCB-EV7520A and FCB-CV7520A block cameras. This product provides a much more flexible solution for HD-SDI output and offers the end user a simplified installation of the camera which is capable of carrying HDTV video signals across long distances. This will provide the end user with a clean and crisp high definition picture.

For more information, please contact Vidtek or send us an email at sales@vidtek.com.

Electrical Specifications


Voltage: +6.0 – 9.0V (6.0V recommended)
LVDS from FCB-EV7520A



- 1080p (30/29.97/25Hz)
– 1080i (60/59.94/50Hz)
– 720p (30/29.97/25Hz)

Analog out

- Y/Pb/Pr

1.485 or 1.485/1.001GHz

10 to 50°C Operational Temperature

52(W) x 48(H) mm

Supplied Accessories:

- 1x 30- pin Coaxial Cable
– 1x Power Cable
– 1x Silicon Rubber
– 2x Screws



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