In 1999, Vidtek Associates had the opportunity of integrating a digital security & surveillance system for BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) based in the San Francisco Bay area. This highly popular form of public transportation accommodates approximately 350,000 to 395,000 commuters each day and has 43 train stations and 667 cars. The scope of the project was to implement four cameras and one four channel recording device per car. The delivery of content was via wireless transmission and was monitored at the Operation Control Center (OCC). While most security system integrators were applying archaic technology during this time, Vidtek took the lead in implementing a complete “state of the art” digital system to emphasize the importance of cutting edge video technology usually found in the professional video arena.

To this day, Vidtek Associates has maintained the integrity of the original system and provides BART with the service and support they deserve. On top of this, Bay Area commuters can be assured that their safety of using public transportation is BART’s number one concern.