O-RingOur customer is the world’s leading supplier of process control and yield management solutions for the semiconductor and related microelectronics industries. Rated among the worlds top ten semiconductor equipment manufacturers, their products are used by every major semiconductor manufacturer in the world.

Vidtek was tasked to provide a custom solution for both their darkfield and brightfield patterned wafer inspection systems. The systems themselves provided better discrimination between defects of interest and nuisances defects. The issue was due to the end of life of a ½” 3-CCD camera, the direct replacement had some changes that affected the overall performance of the inspection tool. An IR filter had to be used to continue using this camera. The location of the IR filter was to be placed in the auto-focus. Because of the urgency of providing manufacturing with a solution, Vidtek custom designed an O-ring and coupler device. This solution saved our customer hundreds of thousands of dollars by keeping the manufacturing line flowing as well as the months involved in specifying a new camera. This also benefited the camera manufacturer in enabling them to continue and support the customer.

Vidtek worked closely with the camera manufacturer and it’s distributor on this project.