Vidtek is pleased to announce the next 3 types of HD-SDI products for use with the Sony FCB-EH4300 and/or the Sony FCB-EH6300 camera. These provide a much more flexible solution for HD-SDI output and offer the end user a simpler installation of the camera, which is capable of carrying HDTV serial digital signals across long distances, with clean, crisp, and high definition pictures.

The SDI-46 of the PCB model and the PCB, makes your integration simple without any connectors, such as 15-pin D-sub and 12-pin Multi. Simply connect your cables to the J1 or use a 2mm pitch connector. The VFCB-SDI63L of the L-bracket model is the metal frame that attaches to the outer frame of the Sony camera, can be used in custom integration. The VFCB-SDI63H of the housing model, which encloses the entire unit, can be used for Medical, Industrial and/or Security.

A couple of units of the L-bracket model will be available for you to evaluate and share with your customers. Please send one unit of either the Sony FCB-EH4300 or the Sony FCB-EH6300 to Vidtek Associates NV, Inc. to get a sales sample.

Black paint models are also available; please contact Vidtek for more information.

Note: We recommend the Housing Model and L-Bracket Model because common impedance between the FCB and the PCB could not be at “0” ohms and could create some emissions under the high frequency of 1.485GHz. The integration of the PCB will take some time and requires other components to reduce the radiation, but the housing model and L-bracket model could drastically save you time and money.

For more information, please contact Vidtek or send us an email at

Electrical Specifications


DC in: +6.3 to 7.0 V for SDI-46 PCB
DC in: +6.3 to 9.0 V for L-Bracket/Housing
Visca Protocol
LVDS from 4300/6300
Reset from 6300


1080i 1920×1080
720p 1280 x 720
800 mV±10%
75 Ω
Analog out: Y/Pb/Pr
52(W) x 48(H) mm

 SDI-46 board

Note: 30-pin coaxial cable is not included because of custom length. Please contact Vidtek for cable details.



Pin Configurations

Mechanical Specifications

See page 3 of the specification in the PDF file below.



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