The Vidtek 2600 is a cost effective, high resolution display and recording system for use with a wide variety of industry mask aligners (shown below with the Karl Suss MA6). With improved cameras and monitors resolution is improved up to 10X. It offers a state-of-the-art flexible user interface and single-or multiple-camera recording options. Better contrast and digital zoom increase alignment accuracy and throughput. Contact Vidtek today to configure your system,



  • Increased Alignment Precision
  • Increased Contrast with Thick or Opaque Resists
  • Increased Throughput
  • Less Operator Fatigue
  • Permanent Image Tracking



  • Easy to use
  • One button Snapshot and Image Recording
  • Display up to 4 Simultaneous High Resolution Images
  • Superimpose Live and Reference Images
  • Up to 32X Digital Zoom
  • Portrait or Landscape View


Image Server:

  • Up to four 5MP Monochrome or Color Cameras
  • Large 1080p or 4k Multi-Touch High-Resolution Display
  • Adapters for Any Microscope
  • Industrial Grade Hardware
  • Easy Installation


Enhanced resolution cameras adapt to existing microscopes.

Please contact Vidtek for any questions.R&D Vidtek Associates, Inc.280 Martin Avenue, Santa Clara, CA, 95050  Phone: 408-970-661 Fax: 408-970-9442 Email: